LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGNPrivate castles renovation

Interior design for castles and mansion houses: elegance, refinement and French-style lifestyle!

The interiors architects and decorators of ALPHEA like to renovate the interior design of these private castles, manors and mansion-houses, to give them a new soul and a new life. With subtle and sophisticated interior design, they offer to these gorgeous properties the harmony of the esthetics, luxury and the French-style elegance.

Every detail has its importance. The interior designers create in these beautiful castles and mansions the creative atmospheres of emotion, feelings of well-being and escape. They reinvent warm and singular atmospheres in break with our everyday life and use our five senses, for the pleasure to feel the privilege of the exclusivity.

Our luxury residential projects are for private clients and as we always show discretion, we have selected a few pictures without any details, just to give you a sense of our work.
Private castles interior designer