An interior designer for small luxury hotels

Within the hospitality and the luxury hotel industry, the interior architecture and design agency ALPHEA focuses on small luxury hotels and upscale boutique hotels.

For the interior architects ALPHEA, the renovation of a small luxury hotel is a captivating experience that starts with a close cooperaton with the hotel owner. The ultimate goal is to offer to each traveller memorable moments in a hotel specially designed for him.

Hotel Within the ALPHEA interior design firm, elegance is a state of mind and the art of living is cultivated with refinement. The interior designers master the nuances of design. An elegant interior renovation can change the perception and the brand image of an hotel.
The creation of a sensory world around luxury bedrooms will offer to every client a new experience in your hotel that never will be forgotten because the interior designer designs hotel bedrooms, suites and bathrooms that inspire us and make us dream.

Even if the interior architect firm favors the global concept for the whole renovation of the hotel in the aim to express its new identity and its new image, the ALPHEA interior architecture services can be provided a la carte to customize a few interiors of the hotel. It ranges from the fitting-out and decorating of contemporary bedrooms, suites and bathrooms, to the design of a new restaurant or to the creation of a spa wellness area.

For the interior architecture and design agency, each hotel should have its own signature of luxury, elegance and distinction.