RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGNHaussmann Apartment Paris, France

Stylish interiors

Which decorating style do you prefer? Today, for instance, the decoration of a Haussmann apartment in Paris can afford all styles!

If the interior of a classic style apartment still captivates by the timeless charm and its French sophistication, the interior decoration of a Haussmann-style apartment can today afford a modernized style with a decoration in a very contemporary style without ever betraying the charm of the Haussmann style.

If boldness drives the interior designer to marriages of styles sometimes unexpected, to play with the codes of modernity and tradition, to create interiors with a more eclectic style, harmony is the key word for each of his projects.

The agency of architecture and decoration ALPHEA designs luxury apartments with a resolutely chic and elegant style. Its talent and its expertise allow it to offer a wide range of decorating styles, from classical to Zen style through modern classic styles, Art-Deco, modern design, rustic, nautical, industrial, colonial, Scandinavian, minimalist etc.

Whatever the style of your apartment and whatever the style of decoration, it is you who will invent its story. So get inspired by a custom interior, designed just to make you vibrate!

Each interior architecture project is personalized and reflects the tastes, aspirations and lifestyle of their clients. Everything is thought, drawn and custom-made because the interiors designers favor the exclusivity of their creations.

This starts with a personalized concept, moving through the creative process, then to the final stage of realization by highly experienced craftsmen who offer a very high-quality tailor-made.

ALPHEA interior architects reinvent the space with a personalized design and a refined interior decoration. Each luxurious residential project is exclusive and unique and both imbued with elegance, dynamism and lightness.

With a high-end interior design they brings life to our interiors, with an elegant and refined interior decoration that awakes our senses for the pleasure to live every day at home a new experience like no other. Each luxurious apartment they design has its own authenticity and soul and is the expression of an art of living.
Parisian Classical Style Apartment