"The desire of a harmonious spatial unit of the house, the seeking of comfort and well-being in a custom interior where every room in the house is a reflection of oneself and of a way of life."

The remodeling of a flat or the renovation of a house is an ambitious project that the interior architect ALPHEA can carry through in Paris and elsewhere. His services offer a creative and conceptual added value to each interior renovation project and the assurance of a high-end renovation of your apartment or your house.

Maison à Vincennes Maison à Vincennes Maison à Vincennes Creator, designer and implementer, the Parisian interior designer is renowned for his expertise to achieve an interior renovation of high quality. From the study of a personalized renovation concept to the monitoring of renovations, every detail has its importance for his customer's satisfaction. That is the reason why the interior architect surrounds himself, over the years, with finest craftsmen.

Whether it is the complete renovation of a house or the partial renovation of an apartment, « turnkey »solutions will be proposed by the interior architect. Because a high-end renovation of a luxury flat can dramatically boost its value, in all his renovation projects appears the same common thread: the search for comfort in an elegant interior and aspiration to a harmonious spatial unit.

ALPHEA is specialized in renovation of luxury residential real estate (luxurious villas, castles and mansions, renovation of high-end flats, luxurious lofts ...). The interior designer is regularly sought for the renovation of professional and commercial spaces (restaurant renovations, hotels, offices etc.).