RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGNApartment Lausanne, Switzerland

A bespoke interior layout and a customized interior design for a luxury apartment

The interior architecture firm ALPHEA designs high-end apartments and luxury houses in France and abroad. Its experience in the luxury real estate leads it to renovate atypical properties, Lofts apartments, private castles, châteaux, manors... Each interior architecture project offers a unique custom design.

Spaces that are yours alone

The agency does not impose a style. Its aim with every interior design is a bespke creation that optimises space while reflecting your tastes and desires. Your interior is not just beautiful but functional thought-throught to accomodate your life style.

Each project results from a sensibilily between the functionality and the beauty and if the interior designers ALPHEA avoid the superfluous and privilege the essential, they are attentive to the emotion and feelings that every project will inspire, once it is realized.

Renovation specialist of luxury interiors, the interior designers ALPHEA are well known for providing innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of their clients. They conceptualize the interior design and the decoration of luxury houses and apartments with originality and creativity. They design individual pieces of furniture for their clients, bringing this final touch of luxury and exclusivity to a custom project.
Apartment Neuilly sur Seine, France