RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGNExtension of house design
To enlarge a house or apartment many possibilities open to us. The extension of the house is an excellent solution to increase the living area and create new living spaces. The interior designer ALPHEA is regularly solicited regularly for extensions of apartment and house that are in harmony with the external environment and the existing interior architecture.

Different solutions to earn square meters are finely studied by the interior designer: optimizing an apartment, redistribute rooms of a house, remodeling a flat, create a duplex, raise a house, add a floor, convert the attic, a basement, create a patio, combine two apartments ...

Extension Maison Extension Maison The interior designer ALPHEA proposes its expertise to make a success your expansion project, because the extension of a property also involves making it aesthetic, comfortable and functional so that these extra spaces you have earned improved your quality of life and represent a real added value.

ALPHEA also offers its services to professionals to realize the extension of commercial offices, shops and other commercial spaces.