Interior Architecture and Design RESIDENTIAL

A high-end interior architecture and Design agency

Created in 1990, the interior architecture agency, ALPHEA, specializes in luxury interior design for residential interiors and commercial spaces. Each project entrusted to the interior architecture firm is an exclusive creation. Its experience allows it to provide you with a different vision, suited to your needs, for a high-end interior architecture with a unique design and a timeless elegance.

The French interior architect, Rémy Ichkanian, has chosen to settle his interior architecture and design agency, in Vincennes, at 2 km from Paris. Surrounded with a team of interior architects, designers and interior decorators, he gives a meaning and an identity to the space in aim to turn it into a unique place, generator of emotions. Each interior architecture project offers a unique custom design tailored to the sensibility and the lifestyle of his clients.

Exclusive universes and a custom interior design

Always aware of new trends, new technologies and new materials, the universes he creates are exclusive, harmonious, aesthetic and functional. The Parisian interior designer is not unrestricted by fashion and he is able to work on all design styles. He always gives to his creations a special character by combining modern materials with traditional materials, by harmonizing different styles or by imagining different ambiences where our five senses are awake through a very subtle interior decoration. His design philosophy speaks about elegance, distinction and well-being.

The interior architect works with the finest craftsmen to guarantee the integrity and the success of the design and to complete the individuality of each interior he often designs fine furniture or unique and bespoke items for his projects.

The French interior design agency is widely known for the high quality solutions it delivers to its clients, for its refined design style. The interior architecture and design agency offers a full range of services including commercial projects such as high-end hospitality, restaurants, bars, lounge, boutique, castle hotels, offices and head offices…