Commercial Interior Architecture

ALPHEA is a commercial interior design agency, based in Vincennes Paris, France. Specializedin the creation, design and commercial interior architecture, the design agency helps its clients to give an identity and a soul to their commercial interiors in the aim to boost their activities and their notoriety.

ALPHEA provides full services in interior architecture and design, for the realization of high-end commercial and professional projects (restaurant, bar, lounge, boutiques, hotels, spa, VIP lounges, head offices...) in France and Abroad.

ALPHEA design agency creates the commercial and professional interior that can make all the difference.

Within the commercial design agency ALPHEA a creative team of interior designers decorators and designers creates custom concepts and reinvents the commercial space with boldness and uniqueness. Its goal: create unique places, instantly recognizable that enhance the brand image and identity of the company, its services and products in order to improve its reputation and business performances.

The commercial architecture agency ALPHEA designs each commercial space as a unique forum wherein the client has a physical and human contact with his brand, his products and its services. Today, the customer is not longer satisfied by the purchasing act alone, he is waiting for a new experience in a space created especially for him, a place which is like no other, a unique place synonymous with pleasure, consideration, discoveries and sensory emotional experiences.



For over 25 years, the commercial architecture agency ALPHEA has been designing commercial and professional successful interiors tailored to its clients' needs with the projection of a custom concept that fits with their company's brand values.

The ALPHEA design agency is well-known for finding innovative solutions that exceeds design expectations. It undertake turnkey projects from concept to completion and works closely with trusted craftsmen to bring high quality to all of its projects.


Creativity, imagination and inspiration drive the process of ALPHEA designs, merging aesthetics and functionality, tailored to the client's needs. Through communication, the interior designers cultivate a relationship of understanding that allows them to meet their client's goals, to understand their needs, their products and their projects to offer them a comprehensive design solution. This approach is the vital starting point of its methodology.